3M™ Full Face Reusable Respirator 7800 Series - Large

3M™ Full Face Reusable Respirator 7800 Series - Large

Part Number: M7800SL

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Product Information

Product Information

3M™ 7800 Series Full Face Respirator - size large (part number M7800SL).

The 3M 7800 full face respirator offers face and respiratory protection designed for tough environments.

  • Silicone rubber face piece is durable with a double face seal for secure fit
  • Large polycarbonate lens with wide viewing area
  • Six strap head harness for improved stability and comfort
  • Lower breathing resistance with dual filter design
  • Can be used with a passive welding lens
  • For use with 3M gas, particulate and vapour cartridges and filters.


The 3M 7800 Series full face masks provide face and respiratory protection that is built for demanding environments. The 7800SL respirator mask features a wide viewing area through a clear polycarbonate lens, with replacement lenses available for easy maintenance. A dual filter system with bayonet connections ensures a lower exhalation resistance and even weight distribution when used with the 3M 2000, 5000 & 6000 series respirator filters and cartridges.

The 3M 7800 series respirator mask features a highly durable silicone rubber face piece with a double face seal for a secure fit. Talking to co-workers is made easier thanks to a Speech Diaphragm for easier communication. 

A comfortable fitting head harness with six adjustable straps means a secure fit with minimal movement, helping to achieve greater balance and reduce neck strain.

Adaptable respiratory protection is assured with a twin filter design and bayonet connection fittings, allowing you to easily connect a range of 3M gas, particulate and vapour filters to suit your needs. This dual filter mechanism allows for minimised breathing resistance and a more even weight distribution for maximum comfort and performance.

A full range of spare parts are also available, including valves, lens covers and visor kits. Regularly maintaining your full face respirator will ensure greater performance.

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