3M™ 6055 Organic Vapour A2

3M™ 6055 Organic Vapour A2

Part Number: M6055

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Product Information

Product Information

Pair of A2 Organic Vapour Filters to suit 3M™ Reusable Respirators (part number 6055).

3M 6055 A2 filters provide Organic Vapour protection at a higher concentration than traditional A1 respirator filters.

  • Provides protection against Organic Vapours with a boiling point above 65°C
  • A2 protection filters higher concentrations than A1 filter
  • For use with organic solvents, petroleum, mixing paint thinners and glues
  • The 6055 filters are compatible with  3M reusable half and full face respirators
  • Replace once you can smell or taste the contaminants
  • Can also be used with 3M 5925 or 5935 filters and 501 retainers if particle protection is needed.

The 3M 6055 A2 filters provide protection against higher concentrations of vapours than A1 protection. Although both A1 and A2 protect against the same contaminants, the A2 filter filters at 5000 parts per million compared to 1000 parts per million for the A1 filter.

The 6055 filters easily twist onto the 3M reusable respirators for easy installation. Because of the dual filter design, you get the advantage of a more balanced feel and less breathing resistance.

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