3M™ 5935 Particulate Filter P3 Box=10 pairs

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Ten pairs of P3 Particulate Filters to suit 3M Reusable Respirators (part number 5935).

  • Protection against particulates (P3), including those containing oil
  • To be fitted securely onto the 3M 6000 series cartridges in conjunction with 3M 501 retainer covers
  • Note: Higher P3 protection factors only achieved with a 3M Full Face Respirator, otherwise they provide P2 protection when worn on a 3M Half Face Respirator
  • For protection against certain particles, dust, mists and fumes
  • Applications could include sanding, grinding, cutting, drilling metal, masonry work, woodwork, concreting and spraying
  • For use with 3M 6000/7500 Series Half Face Respirators and 3M 6000/7000 Series Full Face Respirators.

The 3M 5935 P3 filters are designed for use in combination with 3M 6000 series respirator cartridges and 3M full face respirators. If used with a 3M half face respirator masks, you will achieve P2 particulate protection. The 5935 particle filter is excellent for filtering out harmful fumes, dust and mists that are present when welding, sanding, cutting, spraying and grinding, woodworking and metalworking.

These filters fit attach to the 3M 6000 series cartridges when used with the 3M 501 retaining clips. This filter combination is to be used with 3M reusable half and full face respirators.

Monitor the condition of your filters regularly to ensure you are receiving the maximum level of desired protection. If your 5935 filters become dirty, damaged or you notice a higher level of breathing resistance, they should be replaced.

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